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We Help Business Owners Grow Their Brand

Being a business owner, even within a franchise, is a lonely job. You don’t have many options to talk with someone about what stresses you are under and what moves you should make to create a better business model.

Business Bulldog works directly with owners to increase sales, lower costs, and to find ways to provide owners with the ability to rise about the stresses and enjoy being the owner again.


Build Determined Teams With Clear Goals

When everyone in a business is moving in the same direction, you have an unstoppable force that your competition cannot slow down.

Creating teams within your business that have clear goals and everyone is dedicated to exceeding those goals is the key to all leadership. The trick is having one message, one voice, one goal and nothing else.

A Great Team and Winning Culture

It starts with hiring and training. You cannot hire without training even the most seasoned worker. Training is key to culture development, strengths analysis, small group dynamics, and teaching how to communicate in a fast-moving business environment. No Training = No success!

A Commitment to Integrity, Fairness

Healthy teams have healthy discussions, work habits, and fully engage in the process of improving the business. Business Bulldog uses a proprietary system, TME, to map the resources needed to build the team properly.

Services We Provide

It would be detrimental for your business to have a consultancy try to be everything in every situation. We limit our services to four key areas.

Internal Marketing

Your team is your greatest marketing element. Don’t sell the products or services. Sell the team who makes all that happen. Have your employees sell your services. Strength from within builds exponentially.

External Marketing

Marketing isn’t sales. Marketing is awareness that businesses desperately need to stand out from the crowded industry in which you work. Marketing provides the details and the story of the business. Business Bulldog helps you craft the story of your business.


Your brand or your brand within a franchise brand needs to be a clear identifier of your business. Customers need to know which locations to visit and which products meet their needs better than any competitor. We show you how to build your brand and make it uniquely yours.

Sales Training

Sales gets a bad image from poor sales people. An old saying is, “No one earns anything until somebody sells something.”. If marketing creates awareness, sales closes the deal. Training your entire team to speak with authority about your products or services is basic and elemental to having a healthy, growing business. We create opportunities to teach sales and get rid of the bad sales tactics.

Training, Testing and Advising

Testing Or Creating Needed Products & Services

Business Bulldog Is A Think Tank

Before you go any further, Business Bulldog was built to be a think tank. We help businesses and franchises with testing products and services that they can not test withing their system. How much time and money do you spend on bad ideas that further cost you money and jobs? We do the testing to control the environment and get honest results.

Quality Testing

Once we learn what parameters you are looking to have a product or service work 100% of the time in, we create a mock-up of your business and run the vendor through all the paces. Vendors most often do not know they are being tested. We need to provide accurate results and we do not take funds/bribes/payoffs to push one vendor over another. Our quality comes from trustworthy results.

Diversity & Inclusion

If we can not find a vendor that can meet your needs, we look for opportunities to build a product or service. Often, we look for the right person to work with and set them up in business for themselves. In 2020, we helped several women-owned businesses and POC-owned businesses.