How Do I Increase Sales Today?


We usually get franchisees who are sliding quickly into failure and they need something to turn around the slide that they can do TODAY. Normally, we wouldn’t work on something like this since the reasons why a franchisee is losing is due to their own poor choices and we don’t have enough time or resources to turn things around. But, there are ways to turn things around if you stop doing the things that got you in this mess in the first place.

If you want to fix your failing franchise, you first need to admit that you are part of the problem. It could have been a bad initial decision or many bad ideas since you opened, but the main point is that nothing will change until you do.

  • Stop acting like someone will save you. They won;t come out and tell this, but your franchisor OK with you failing. Once you’re gone, they can sell a new agreement in the same spot as your store.
  • Clean everything. I mean it. Clean everything and replace what is broken, worn or torn up. Make your store look new.
  • Look at your employees and start firing the ones who aren’t willing to work hard to save your business. Bad employees sink franchises faster than any other element to being in business. Fire fast.
  • Stand outside and look at your business like a customer would. If you have a bunch of messages in the windows and the front door, then remove ALL of them. Also read the messages. Are you saying NO before someone even touches the front door? If your business isn’t inviting customers in, fix it.
  • Focus on what sells and what is most profitable. If you don’t know what is profitable and what sells the best, find out. Take time to train yourself and your staff on how to sell those items. Use add-ons with every customer. Increasing your average sale gets you out of the red faster.

Stop waiting and start working. Business Bulldog can give you all the game plans to saving a franchise from failure. Unless you actually do something to fix your current condition, you will fail. We want you to win…do you?

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