Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Draw three circles – one around the next. This is all the business model you need to create a dynamic growing business in this depressed economic environment.

Three circle?!?  Yes, three circles.  The diagram should look like a target.  Once you understand this model, you will never be lost in what to do next.

Inside the first inner-most circle write the word “Leadership”. We always start with leadership.  Getting to the core of the brand starts with looking at the face of person or people who are leading the organization. As you know by our rules, either you are the right person to be in the inner-most circle leading the charge or you are not.  It is not about ego or power, but about having the most effective person in charge of the operations.  There are too many businesses that fail because they have the wrong person in charge.  How many of the businesses in your area have closed because of poor leadership?  Most, if not all.

The next circle is the team. Write “Team” in the circle that goes around the leadership.  It is amazing that so many people are lost when it comes to hiring and training the right people.  Is it fear or something else?  We have seen clearly that most people are not trained in how to hire well or train someone to do a job effectively.  You want to create your own team of leaders to grow your business.  Hiring in someone who is well suited to the job means that they are capable of doing the job. However, they may not do things your way.  After all, they were trained to do things at another company. Are you willing AND able to hire someone who is capable and spend the time and energy to train them into the employee you need and a leader in their field?  The questions to start with are “What is the nature of the job I am hiring for?” and “Is this the right person to train into being the best employee for that position?”. You will be burned by hiring and spending time training someone.  That is the nature of business.  Get over that and keep working.  You would not let your competition tell you how to be successful, so why would you allow a bad hire limit you?

The outer-most circle is local store marketing. Write “Local Store Marketing” in this circle.  The first two circles are focused inside your business.  They are the core of the business.  Can a business grow with just the right leadership and the right team?  Yes.  It is the foundation for all great businesses.  Without the first two circles, you have no business at all.  The local store marketing circle is the relationship you want to have with your customers.  It is the public relations, the couponing, and the message you want to send to people in the area you want to spend money with you.  Failure in this circle does not necessarily mean that your business will fail.  It does mean that you are limited to word of mouth advertising. This can also include bad reviews or anything anyone wants to mention about you.  Get the inside of your store operating well and then get out and brag about it.  Be known for something great.  Shameless promotion for the sake of yelling about your store is the worst kind of marketing.  GO for something that people will think of when they think of your business or your industry.

Three circles are simple and encompass the entire method of controlling a business. I have always been able to help a business grow when we break the effort down to these three parts.  You will jump back and forth as things change – and things will most definitely change.  Change is the only constant thing you can count on in life.  Reexamine your leadership often.  Look at the goals you set for your team and make sure everyone is on board to reach them.  Do the right kind of local store marketing.  All of these things are the parts of your business that you can handle.  You can not change the economy or your competition.  You can handle your business as a professional.

Draw three circles and start growing your business now.

How you SEE your business is exactly how it will grow. Toss the keys to someone else to run your business and their vision is what your business becomes. Take the time to map out your vision. 



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