Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Sales Training


You bought a business to be your own boss and then the world came crashing down because customers weren’t flocking to your front door every day or any day.  What happened???

Every business owner needs to understand how to get customers even before they figure out how to make a product or offer a service. Sales is the #1 item that should be enforced in training to be a business owner, but it is usually the last item reviewed. Selling is considered difficult, time consuming, and a COST to business. Marketing is seen the same way. Business Bulldog Sales Training removes the stigma of selling and makes it fun to sell.

We use our proprietary system, TME®, to help give owners are their teams the words, actions and attitudes to make customers want to spend time and money in your business. The best part is how we teach you to increase the number of customers that visit your business weekly. When you stop getting in your own way and allow the conversations to happen naturally, you win every customer.

If the goal is a loyal customer base, the plan is to work with Business Bulldog on Sales Training!