Friday, August 7, 2020
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I often get the question, “How do I find the right people to hire?”.  It is something that every owner  struggles to handle and is a never-ending process.  When you have a vision of what your company looks like, you also see that the employees are on board with the vision and are willing to help bring you there.

What works and where am I going wrong?

Break down your problem into piles and finding where to focus will give you what you need.

The right employee has equal parts of each section listed in the chart above.  If you do not support each part and communicate well to each part of each person on you payroll, you will have a losing team.  Remember, one bad hire can make the rest of your team stumble.  Hiring the right person can jump start the team.

  1. Find the right person

Recruiting impressive people is the toughest part of being an owner.  You really should be a part of every hire or you are going to end up with a team that isn’t seeing the vision you have for your business.  There are as many ways to find the right employee as there are ways to find the wrong one.  Whatever works to get people to interview will find you the right employee.  The trick is to keep looking.

  1. Find the right person with the right attitude

Attitude is the factor that is not taught in school.  I have seen many highly educated people lose out on jobs because they can’t stop waving their degrees around the room.  If you can’t get past the certificate tacked to the wall, then you can’t work for me.  The business world doesn’t give a damn what your GPA was or what your degree is in.  If you can’t deal with the tasks, the people, and the stress and still smile all the way through it, you are not worth hiring.  Hire for attitude.  It will make your business grow.  People spend money with people they like.

  1. Find the right person with the right initiative

OK, so this one has more to do with YOU than them.  How is your level of trust?  If you can’t trust the people who are representing your business; who are the face of your business, then who do you trust?  Giving your staff enough leeway to be creative and find ways to increase profitability then you are going to lose customers.  Creating an atmosphere where people can trust that you are listening and willing to try what they bring to you is critical to finding and keeping the right employees.

  1. Find the right training for the right person

I am constantly bewildered by companies that cut their training budget in order to save money.  That is like closing your shop for an extra day a week to save on payroll.  It’s stupid and a reason to sell your business and go work for someone else.  How do you expect to have a staff that works on the same vision for your business if you aren’t training all of them on what that vision looks like.  The key is to find the right training for each person.  (I will add an article on training the right way later.) Some people need to see the vision in action, others can listen and learn.  The best way is to engage your employees in many different ways to solidify the training.  Show them, tell them, ask them to train you on what you want and see what works best.

  1. Look in the mirror! Would you hire you?

I get in more trouble with this one than any other aspect of consulting.  If you wouldn’t hire yourself to be in your business, find out what part of steps, 1 through 4, you are lacking and fix it!  Great employees follow great leaders.  Great leaders do the right things.

Slow down and be patient.  Hiring wrong can do more damage to your business than not having enough people to help customers.  Make sure you are ready when you find the right person.


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A great team is not afraid of problems. They seek them out in order to solve them. A great leader gives his/her team the latitude to fix problems. Train to be that team and you’ll love to work again.



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