Friday, August 7, 2020
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Has there ever been a more useful drink for franchisees than Diet Mountain Dew?  I say nay!  The sweet nectar that is Diet Mountain Dew keeps the strength of men and ladies alike as we wander the wilds of being in a franchise whether restaurant, hobby shop, or kids bouncy house establishment.  Dear Diet Mountain Dew we thank you.

Diet Mountain Dew, with the look of radiator fluid, you are the beast of burden that keeps us going.  With a taste that is a sweet shock to the system and a fizz that burns steadily as it flows down the throat, you are part of our lives.  Diet Mountain Dew, we can see through your yellowish bubbles the need for you from coast to coast.  You color our day and quite possibly our entire insides. Thank you, oh thank you, Diet Mountain Dew for the zing you bring to our mornings when the dark swill of coffee can not open our eyes.  You are the energy that keeps us going.

Raise your bottles of eerie yellow liquid in the green bottles my fellow franchise hounds.   We salute you Diet Mountain Dew!!  May you continue to keep the franchise world flowing.

It’s always the small things that make the difference. A lucky shirt or a way of getting to work that is off the beaten path makes you feel better. Your demeanor as you approach any situation helps direct the success you find at the end.

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