Fixing the Marketing Myth


Fixing the Marketing Myth

Franchisees in the Carolinas met to work on sales and the 2019 plan for growth. There objective was simple. Grow with a clear focus on customer service and make efforts to train on new systems and marketing techniques. Our review of where we are currently took a turn when we looked at how many new customers were brought into the chain. It was way down and current customers were asking for new items that were not profitable.

How you interact with people coming to your franchise business will determine if you have customers or one-time buyers. Know the difference!!

Everyone who visits your store is not a customer. A person who spends money in your store is not a customer. How can this be? They gave money for services or products. How can they not be customers? It’s in how you think a customer is made. If someone comes to your store and spends money once, is that person a customer? You better say, “No!”. If a person comes back and spends money again, is that person a customer? Nope.

A customer is a repeat buyer who is consistent in coming back to spend money with your business. Franchisees are not taught that reasoning. They are taught how to operate a store and train employees. What franchisors teach is that customer service and building a customer base is gimmicky marketing and discounts. That is about as far from building a customer base as you can get from building a customer base as you can get. Repeat spenders are customers. It should look like a smooth upward trend if you graphed the number of sales you get.

How do you build a strong customer base? Stop trying to use marketing to increase sales. Use sales to build sales. Marketing is the invitation to come to the store. Sales is the process of educating customers, giving them repeatable phrases when they talk about your business, up-selling them to increase the average ticket. Customers can be your best way of increasing the number of customers you sell to each week. When was the last time you worked on training your front-line employees on sales pitches?

I don’t care if you sell pizzas or a service, you have to sell to get a sale. Stop looking at the marketing as the only way to build growth. Growth starts inside your store. Are you ready to learn how? Contact us for first-steps.

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