Want To Make More Money In Your Business?

We are really good at complicating everything in business. We make marketing insane with new campaigns, tactics, sources, and messages. All the turmoil in trying to get customers is NOT worth it. Sales should be a simple part of your business. And, simple marketing is always the best option.

Ask these questions:

  1. Who is your best customer & how do you know?
  2. What does your marketing message say about your service?
  3. Why go to your location over a competitor?

Yes, just three questions can change your entire marketing strategy.

Can you find customers cheaply? Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and the like all charge far more for ad space than you should spend to get customers. It’s especially crazy since you can post for free and get more customers. Are you willing to learn?

Business Bulldog is starting our Podcast Series soon on topics just like this. And, it’s free to you. No, we aren’t going to charge for good advice we post. Just go get it. If you get stuck or feel overwhelmed, we can talk and work with you. There’s nothing better than a friendly voice to walk you through the process of growing your business.

Check out our Contact Page and drop us a line!

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