Franchises are always measured by the number of locations and franchisees in the system, but is that the right measurement?

Growth based on bringing in the right franchisees and having them on-board well with existing franchisees is paramount in developing a business model that more of the right people want to spend their hard-earned money and sign your franchise agreement. What does your on-boarding look like? Is it a smooth transition? Can a franchisee hit the ground running when they unlock the front door and turn the “Open” sign on?

You want to have two teams to make your culture work. Your internal team needs to see the vision of what successful on-boarding looks like. Have you shown them? Does everyone understand how important they are to make it happen? The second team is in the field. Not only are your operations teams in the field incredibly important for the energy they bring the new location, but also the surrounding franchisees need to be part of the excitement. Leaving out the new franchisee’s neighbors is a sure fire way to ruin a great on-boarding.

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