Expert Consultation

We review your business with a focus on YOU. Being the owner doesn't give you super powers. You should enjoy working for yourself and growing a strong business that can run without you being there 24/7.

Great Teamwork

Finding, hiring, training, and motivating a team is tough. It doesn't need to be, though. We walk you through how to find the team that makes your brand shine. Even as a franchise owner, you need to have a brand within the brand. We show you how.

Building a Culture

Service comes first. When you have a place where customers WANT to spend money, you win. The biggest brands get that culture wins customers. We show you how to develop a winning culture that lasts. No gimmicks, trends, or fluff...EVER!

We review your entire business

Broken/functional is a term we use to start removing parts of your business that cost you money, time, or effort.

TME - Our trademarked system for growth

Systems give stability. We use our decision-making system to help you make big and small decisions easier.

We start with YOU

Are you the right person to lead your business? The Bulldog Rules for Business bring clarity to your business views. We use them to help you get out of your own way to lead from the front or from the sidelines. Do you know where you should stand?

We get you thinking right about your business.

Leaders have little time, budgets get stretched, and the effort to make changes the company needs can be daunting. We show you how to save energy and lead without the stress.

Time, Money, Effort

  • Time
  • Money
  • Effort

Culture Development

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Sales/Marketing Training

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Team Development

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Business Bulldog is a think tank built to grow businesses with simple, easy to implement systems.

There are plenty of consulting companies that want to take your money and give you a prepackaged process that doesn’t change the root of your business problems. We start with YOU and show you how to calm your mind and make better decisions. Then, we work with your team to develop strengths and hire to close any weaknesses.

Change too fast or too much and you hurt your business culture. Get the buy-in needed with you and your team and the growth you want will be within grasp. We use a focused, transparent system so everyone is part of the winning strategy. Call us today.

Our services meet your needs. We don't sell you what you don't need.

Sales Training

Hiring a salesperson with a good resume is not enough. You have to manage your sales team and give them a clear focus on what you want them to do.

Responsive Digital Marketing

Marketing has changed. Have you kept up with the changes? Content, design, and calls to action all need to be reviewed and updated regularly. We can help.

Powerful Messaging

Your message, what customers hear and repeat, must be clear and memorable. Don't be the company that people stumble over. Be memorable and give customers a reason to promote your business.

Design for User

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Decision-Making Training

If more owners spent time learning how to make good decisions, there would be a lot fewer failed businesses. We have a process and it's not hard to learn.

Review and Renew

Don't just make changes to have a new look for your business. Be intentional. We will review how your business operates and what the changes will do for you. Once we get things moving, we renew your commitment to keep the growth going.

Look inside your business before you look for customers.


If you don't know the data on your business, you can't know your business.


Planning and strategy grow great businesses. Have you done your homework?


What do your customers think when they see your business? Learn and grow.

We connect you with expert businesses and vendors

Having a team that is expert in their field to help you grow your business is the key to smart growth. You will always rise or fall to the level of the people that surround you!

We have a flexible plan for you

$350 / month
Having someone to discuss and plan your business makes a difference. We walk you through development and help you plan your growth.
  • Monthly calls
  • Development plans
  • Network development
  • Targeting customer bases
Sales Training
$750 / month
Sales teams are great when there is a plan and tracking. What are they really selling? It should be your services or products.
  • Weekly calls
  • Sales pitch development
  • Team development
  • Sales tracking
Internal Marketing/Culture Development
$3000 / month
Your team is your business. Are they ready and willing to help you grow your company? We show you sustainable internal marketing that changes your loyalty structure and makes your business bulletproof.
  • Weekly calls
  • Team development
  • Internal marketing
  • Loyalty program develoment
Selling Your Business
$5000 / Plus Commission
We help owners transition out of their business. Are your books, systems, and teams ready for new leadership? Are you getting every dollar you can for your business? We can help.
  • Business review
  • Team review
  • Valuation
  • Brokering plan
  • Transition assistance